Bellezza Artistica Fotografia (Artistic Beauty Photography), is the name I’ve given to my passion in photography. I’ve worked in the technology arena for over a decade, and still do. Like a lot of photographers, this was my hobby for about, well, five seconds. I soon realized how much I love creating and shaping still images into something that contains those memories that last for a lifetime and far into the future.

I’m a people person, so naturally I love doing portrait sessions. While I try to get out and do some landscape and nature photography, I still prefer the human emotion. The best reward I get is when I show prints to a customer and they are taken back by the sheer beauty of the picture. Any photographer that does portrait sessions has to feel what the client is feeling.

Over the last few years I’ve done portrait sessions with a few clients and to see how they change each year is an art project in itself. There are lots of categories and moments to capture such as Senior pictures, communions, birthdays, best friends, cheerleading, soccer, prom, and anniversaries. We also can’t forget our furry friends, our pets! Yes I am definitely an animal lover.

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- Shawn Hopkins

Shawn Hopkins
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